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Anyone else think it’s silly that these people having a telehealth appointment are both wearing masks?

Telehealth is an alternative to in-person therapy. It surprises some people to learn that research has shown that outcomes are no different between in-person and video counseling sessions. That is, you can expect the same results whichever way you do your counseling. I think that’s really reassuring to know. Video counseling can feel a little different, it’s true, but many of my clients who were certain they wouldn’t like it have been pleasantly surprised. If you are on the fence about this, I invite you to take me up on my offer of a free 15-minute consultation. It will give you the opportunity to see how it all works and how it feels before you commit yourself to tele-sessions. The platform I use was designed for physicians and is both encrypted and HIPAA-compliant. It’s also user friendly. I’m one technologically challenged and I found it very easy to use. The platform works on your phone, tablet, or laptop/home computer and requires no special app or download. Instead, it uses your browser.

With the pandemic, most therapists moved to video sessions at least temporarily. I have offered this option for years now and, unlike most therapists, I’m Board-Certified in telemental health (video counseling). Currently, I am seeing all my people by video.

Call or text me at (816) 226-4678 to arrange a free 15-minute video consultation.