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You might want to pay for therapy privately if:

  • you don’t want a mental health diagnosis on your record (insurance companies require this before they will pay)

  • you don’t want the insurance company to dictate how your therapy is done

  • you have a high deductible– your insurance company will require you to pay the full session fee until your deductible is met. (And they can still dictate how your therapy is done while you are paying!)

If your insurance allows you to submit medical bills from out-of-network providers, I will be happy to provide you with that special statement, called a superbill, on a monthly basis. I cannot guarantee any reimbursement and I do not assist with filing claims beyond providing the superbill. However, if you’d like information on a company that will help you for a very modest fee, read this.

Kansas Medicaid

I am currently a participating provider for Kansas Medicaid insurance plans only. You may have noticed that my primary office location is in Missouri. I am approved as a provider for Kansas Medicaid at both my Belton, Missouri and Overland Park, Kansas offices.


If you have Medicare, please contact me for my special Medicare rate.

Reduced Fee Services

I offer reduced-fee services in 2 ways:

  • I reserve some of my caseload for working with people whose primary income is disability. Please call me to see if I have any openings available.

  • For people who have no insurance or who have a policy with a ridiculous deductible, I offer sessions for $30-60, based on income. For more information and to see if I have any openings, please call me at (816) 226-4678.

Rates and Payments

Aside from Kansas Medicaid, I am a private pay provider. As mentioned above, the advantages of this for you are that you do not have to provide the insurance company with a diagnosis and your insurance company cannot dictate your treatment.

A popular search term is “cheap counseling.” Although my rate is in the bottom 25th percentile for the Kansas City area (that is, 75% of therapists have a private pay rate higher than mine), my services are not cheap. I am mindful that therapy can be a financial sacrifice for people–I’ve paid out of pocket for my own family. Therapy is an investment in your health and your quality of life. I am doing my best to be fair to both you and me with my rates. Please know that the care I offer to my people is no less than the care they would receive if my rate was in the top 25th percentile.

One of the things I do which sets me apart from most therapists is that I hold myself accountable for results. Every week I have you rate where you are so we can compare it to the week before and at the end of every session I ask you to rate how well I listened to you and whether or not we worked on what you wanted to work on. That kind of feedback in black and white can be scary to many therapists (it’s much easier to blame the clients for not trying hard enough than it is to think our therapy was lacking in some way) but I look at it as perhaps leveling the playing field somewhat. After all, being the person who seeks counseling can feel very vulnerable. With this assessment, I’m vulnerable, too, every session. You provide all the information and you can see each week whether or not what we are doing is working so that you know we are not wasting your time and your money.

For payments, I accept:

  • cash
  • check
  • debit and credit (Visa, Mastercard)
  • HSAs (health savings accounts).