605 Cherry St. Suite 320, Belton, MO 64012
(816) 226-4678

Wheelchair Accessibility for 605 Cherry Street, Belton, MO

The easiest wheelchair access into the building is through the Main Street entrance. Unfortunately, the doors are not motorized, which makes them more challenging to get through. The Main Street entrance takes you directly into Central Bank. You will want to go straight ahead until you see a door toward the back of the bank. Once you go through this door, you will be at the elevator and can take the elevator to the 3rd floor and my office, Suite 320. You have the option to use the sidewalk to go to the Cherry Street entrance. This avoids the bank and gives you access directly to the elevator. It’s a longer journey than into the bank, however.


There is parking on both Cherry and Main Street, as well as behind the bank, off of Cherry Street.


However, the only wheelchair access to the sidewalk and to the bank is from the front parking on Main Street, close to where people drive through for teller access.


(If you were to park behind the bank, you would also have access to the sidewalk but would have to wheel through the car teller lanes to get there).


The Main Street entrance is unlocked only during bank hours and I do not have access to it to let people in after bank hours. I can let my people in through the Cherry Street entrance, however. The doors are locked from the outside but I tell my people to text me to let me know they have arrived and I run down and let them in. (This also takes care of the door not having an automatic opener).

If you are coming to see me during business hours and would like me to meet you at the door and hold it open for you, I will be happy to do so. Please let me know at the time we make our appointment so that I will make sure I am available (that is, so I make sure the previous appointment doesn’t run late) and so that I will know which door to meet you at.