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Although therapists cannot ask their clients for recommendations, we are allowed to utilize statements they’ve volunteered to us as long as we have permission. This is done to make sure no clients ever feel obligated or pressured to give a recommendation that they don’t want to give. Below you will find both professional recommendations and real statements clients have made to me that they have give permission to share anonymously.

Rachel Walter, APRN
Metropolitan Pulmonary

As a Nurse Practitioner working in sleep medicine I often treat patients with difficult insomnias. These patients often have depression or chronic pain that further complicates their diagnosis and makes their treatment that much more difficult. I have found that working with Alicia, who specializes in insomnia, depression and chronic pain, has made the difference in many of my patient’s treatment plans and quality of life. Even if they only see Alicia for one session my patients have come back with the knowledge of how to improve their sleep habits. Her use of cognitive behavioral therapy, in regards to insomnia, results in complete resolution of symptoms for most of my patients and they are able to avoid sleep aids or get off previous sleep aids. Alicia goes above what is asked of her to make sure her patients are truly listened to, cared for and understand how to improve their issues. She is an invaluable resource to my practice and my patients.

Shannon Hiser, LPC, LCPC, RPT-S

Alicia’s manner and approach to counseling evokes comfort and connection. I am grateful for therapists like her, in my corner of the world, for collaboration to bring quality services to this area. I trust her, whole-heartedly, with my humans, and I have confidence in referring to her. In our world today, it’s nice to know someone who delivers that kind of care, compassion, and consistency.

Crystal Davison

Alicia is an extraordinary clinician who has become an instrumental resource and health care team member for me,as a nurse practitioner specialized in sleep medicine. She is reliable and professional and consistently delivers positive outcomes for my patients who struggle with insomnia, as well as with anxiety, depression, grief, chronic pain, and even CPAP therapy. Through CBT-I and her specialized knowledge and skill set, she is able to empower patients to manage their insomnia effectively, allowing many of them to eliminate pharmacological sleep aids. Alicia also maintains open communication with me as the referring provider. She simply goes above and beyond, and I consider her an invaluable asset.


Compared to where I was at, I’m very happy.


I have been having the best sleep I’ve had in years since completing therapy. You truly are a miracle worker!

Insomnia Client

I can’t believe how quickly it [insomnia] turned around!


Thank you for caring about me. That means a lot.


I no longer have the same crippling shame, guilt, and trauma.


After YEARS of ever worsening chronic insomnia, just 4 visits over 6-8 weeks with Alicia has given me new life!! When I first met her, I was averaging 2-4 hours a night and that was with many wake ups. I now average 8 or more hours a night, with no noticeable wake ups, and I’m never in bed not sleeping! This is 8 ½ hours in bed, 8 hours asleep!! Please go see her!! You will never regret it!!