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Out-of-Network Insurance

As an out-of-network insurance provider, Vitalis Counseling can provide you with what is called a “superbill.” This is a medical receipt which contains the information your insurance company needs to process it as a medical claim. You submit this receipt to your insurance company and, depending upon their out-of-network policies, you may receive some reimbursement for the visit. Vitalis Counseling understands that this can be intimidating and a hassle, so we suggest you look at using the Better app. This company specializes in helping people use their out-of-network benefits. They will submit your claims for you, file appeals when claims are rejected, and work with you to maximize your payment. There is no charge for their services unless you receive payment. When your insurance company issues payment to you, Better charges 10% of that amount. You only pay when they are successful in getting money for your medical claims.

You can also submit your superbill to your insurance company for out-of-network benefits yourself. Steps for using Better and for doing it yourself follow below.

If you decide to use Better, start with the following:

1. Download the Better app and set it up.

2. Go to the FAQS and Contact section. Scroll down.

3. Tell them you are interested in working with an out-of-network counselor in Belton, MO or Overland Park, KS and that you need help determining if your insurance will reimburse you for this.

Better will work with you to get the information so you can schedule you appointment knowing how much your insurance company will cover.

If you decide to contact your insurance company yourself:

1. Call the customer service number on the back of your card.

2. Ask any of the following questions which apply:

  • Do I have out-of-network mental health benefits?
  • What is my OON (out-of-network) deductible? Have I met it?
  • Are OON services by a licensed professional counselor (Kansas) or provisional licensed professional counselor (Missouri) covered?
  • If I HAVE met my OON deductible, is there a percentage of costs which I am still responsible for at each visit?
  • Is pre-approval required before obtaining OON services?
  • Do you cover procedure code 90834
  • If I have OON benefits, will I receive a full reimbursement or a percentage?