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Does this describe you?

At least a couple nights a week you have trouble:

Falling Asleep

Staying Asleep


Waking up an hour or more ahead of your alarm

You want to be able to sleep without depending on alcohol or sleep medications


You’d like your current sleep medication to work better and more reliably.

You want a treatment that is brief, effective, and proven


Do nightmares ruin your sleep when you get it? Click here for a very brief and proven treatment!

If these questions describe you, then I have great news for you: you can get a safe, effective, and proven drug-free treatment for your sleep problems. I offer cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia, which is the recommended first treatment for chronic insomnia by the American Academy of Physicians and many other medical groups. Studies show that this therapy is effective for 70-80% of people but my clients have over a 90% success rate with it. This therapy includes 5 main sessions and then short follow-up sessions (at a pro-rated rate) as needed.

NOTE: This treatment is technically therapy, but it’s not a “spill your guts” kind of therapy. We won’t talk about your childhood or trauma or deeply personal content. This therapy feels more like a class than traditional therapy.

Are you wondering if your sleep problems are severe enough to benefit from treatment? Answer the short Insomnia Severity Index here. If you score 11 or higher, it’s very likely you will benefit from treatment with me.