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Holiday Self-Care

We’re officially in the thick of the holiday season with weeks to go until we reach New Year’s Day. For many people, the holidays bring added activities and responsibilities to already busy and overwhelming schedules. Celebrating the holidays can become stressful in this situation, and that’s not even considering money issues which can be a part of the holiday season. I’m not going to suggest yet more activities you need to add to your schedule in the name of self-care. Instead, I am encouraging you to schedule some time for yourself during this busy season. Research has shown that we are more likely to honor commitments to ourselves when we schedule them. So pick a time or two this season where you can block out time on your calendar for an appointment with yourself. What you do with that time depends on what fills your cup. What will leave you feeling fulfilled? Is it quiet time alone? Perhaps it sitting down with a cozy novel and a cup of hot tea. Maybe it’s time out in nature or time cuddling with someone special. Whatever it is for you, do yourself a favor and schedule time for it in the coming weeks. It will help you get through the holiday season in better shape and able to enjoy it more.

Sometimes seeing a counselor is an act of self-care, too. I invite you to give me a call or text at 816-226-4678 to set up a free 15-minute consultation or an appointment.

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