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Webinar for Post-Lockdown Life and Vaccine Anxieties

A lot of people are experiencing something they wouldn’t have imagined a year ago when the lockdowns started: anxiety about life returning to normal. The busyness of those days, the commutes, and being around people again all day every day can all sound overwhelming. And other people are still on the fence about the vaccine. Or they’ve decided they should get it, but they still have questions about it and are anxious, particularly after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was “paused.” So how do you cope with these anxieties?

The people at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America have a free upcoming one-hour webinar addressing these very questions. So that you can participate and ask your questions, the webinar will be live on Friday, May 7th and a recording of this webinar will also be available to watch within 24 hours of the event for those who cannot make it live. The webinar will take place from 11 a.m. to noon Central time.

For more information, presenter biographies, and registration, click here. https://members.adaa.org/events/register.aspx?id=1510931&itemid=b9d95309-4952-48a0-9b66-25893230732c

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