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Open Enrollment for ACA Health Insurance Plans

If you have been going without health insurance, open enrollment for the ACA health insurance plans (“Obamacare”) lasts through December 15, 2021. The plans are subsidized to 400% of the federal poverty level. This means that the less income you earn, the less your insurance plan will cost you because the federal government picks up the tab. Many people can get a bronze plan with no monthly premium.

This might seem like an odd thing for a therapist to blog about, but I have seen firsthand how many of my clients are going without health insurance and exactly how limiting and expensive this is for them when they need to get medical care.

For more information, or to sign up for insurance which will start with the new year:



I do need to also mention one important fact: some states have taken the ACA to the Supreme Court in an effort to have it declared unconstitutional. The hearings started this week. It is possible you may sign up for insurance only to have it get canceled immediately if the Supreme Court rules the ACA is unconstitutional. However, the Supreme Court may not rule this way, so if you need insurance, don’t let this keep you from signing up.

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