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Mental Health Resources for COVID-19

Anxiety is the number one reason women seek therapy and the number two reason men seek therapy– and that’s in “normal” times. This time of lock-downs and kids doing school remotely from home is anything but normal. Add to these stresses the uncertainty of job stability and rising unemployment, and we have a recipe for sky high anxiety. Following are some resources that may be helpful:

Massachusetts General Hospital has compiled a guide to mental health resources by category: general mental health & coping; specific mental health conditions; for families and children; for healthcare providers; and mindfulness and other tools.

How to Cope with Anxiety and Loneliness in the Age of Coronavirus

15 Ways to Conquer Coronavirus Anxiety

7 Science-Based Strategies to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety

Coronavirus Anxiety: Helpful Expert Tips and Resources from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America

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