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Expanding Your Horizons

Have you ever felt that you are stuck, that your life is closed in? Is it hard to imagine your life being different? I’d like to share something that a client and I came up with. She was dealing with a life that was changing so much it was almost unrecognizable. That’s an overwhelming amount of change. Change like that can cause people to be paralyzed by indecision.

My client was in a situation like this. As we talked about it, we came up with what became the Possibilities List. I told my client that she didn’t have to make any changes before she was ready. Maybe, I suggested, she could start a list of possibilities to consider. And she did. This list became a list of dreams and potential changes and actions. Suddenly, her horizon opened before her. Her Possibilities List also created some structure in the massive upheaval. The Possibilities List allowed my client to “try on” ideas and see how they might feel before committing to them. And the List became a reminder that all the change in her life was an opportunity to recreate her life in ways that better fit her wants and needs. The Possibilities List was also a compass, helping her as she made decisions and made changes in her life. Each possibility that was added to the list was a spark of delight and potential. My client shared this idea with her friends and they, too, began keeping their own Possibilities Lists.

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed by change, consider starting your own Possibilities List. Look for both big possibilities and small possibilities. What makes your heart beat just a little faster or adds a little more color to your life? What would expand the horizons of your life? Put these things on your list. You aren’t committed to doing anything more than considering the items on your list, so don’t limit yourself. You might be surprised at what ends up on your list and what you decide to turn from possibility to reality.

If you feel trapped in your life and can’t see new possibilities, or if you are overwhelmed by the changes happening in your life, I invite you to give me a call or a text. Let’s make an appointment or set up a free 30-minute consultation. Call or text (816) 226-4678.

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