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5 Reasons Not to Use Your Insurance for Counseling

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1. Insurance requires a mental health diagnosis before they will pay. This diagnosis will go on your permanent health record and follow you from then on.
2. Insurance is interested in helping you get only “good enough” rather than healed. If you can get by, they aren’t going to want to pay.
3. Insurance can request copies of your therapist’s records.
4. Insurance can dictate what kind of treatment you get, which might not be what you and your therapist agree would be best for you.
5. Insurance companies often have insufficient provider lists. They limit how many therapists they allow on their plans in a given area. This means you are likely to wait a long time in order to see someone and many providers will have full caseloads. See this article for more information.

And here’s a bonus reason: Until you spend enough to reach your deductible, your insurance company will require you to pay the entire amount of the session. In Kansas City, that’s usually $100-$125 per session.

If you choose to see me, you can be assured that no one else will see your therapy notes or know about a diagnosis. We can do the work we agree would be most helpful to you, and I don’t have an 8-week waiting list for first appointments. And, best of all, my rate is just $65 per session. I set it to this rate so that it would be affordable to more people and because that is about what insurance companies pay therapists. This way, we’re cutting out the middle man. (Don’t worry: you still get care worth $125 a session; you can look at the recommendations on my website or my Google rating to see that).

If you would like to schedule a free 30-minute consultation or an appointment, call or text me at (816) 226-4678.

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