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I am part of a group of therapists which meet on a regular basis. We consult with each other and we learn together (through seminars and book discussions, etc). And recently two of our group led us in some self-care exercises.

Now, one thing about me is that I’m not artistic. I mean, stick figures are my limit, let alone other things. And artsy activities make me really anxious. Guess which type of activities my friends chose? Yep, artsy activities!

So there I was, doing this artsy project and very anxious about it. I’d look around and of course everyone else’s looked great! I sure wished I could make things like they could. I looked at mine. It didn’t look at all like I intended. The colors weren’t what I wanted. It was messy and the colors ran together and blurred. The word that was supposed to stand out proudly– well, it didn’t.

And then it hit me: it was absolutely perfect. You can see my creation in the photo for this post.

Is this little piece a thing of beauty? No, not really. But when I see it, and I keep on my desk as a reminder, I think of this: Even in the darkness and messiness, even when it’s hard to see, Hope is there. If I look for it, I can find it. I wanted to share this with you, too.

If you are having trouble finding hope, please call me. Let’s set up an appointment or a free 30-minute consultation. Together, we’ll figure out a plan for helping you find hope again and I’ll carry it for you until you are ready to carry it for yourself. Call or text me at (816) 226-4678.

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