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5 Quick Tricks for Motivation

Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

These ideas can be implemented individually or combined however you want:

1. Easy steps

Break your task down into the smallest possible steps. Commit to completing three or four of the first steps. This may be enough to get momentum and motivation going.

2. Get competitive

If you are someone who enjoys competition, you can use this to your advantage. For example, can you accomplish this task in less time than it took previously? This is competing against yourself. If it’s a task others you know must also do, can you get it done first?

3. Get a deadline

If you are someone who couldn’t get going on an assignment until mere hours before it was due, deadlines work for you. They create an external pressure. You can create your own deadlines but you have to be committed to them for the deadlines to work. If you need an immediate deadline, you can use a timer. Those of you who like to be competitive can race against the clock.

4. Get accountable

Let someone whose opinion of you matters to you know that you are going to do this task by this particular time and ask them to check with you to see if you did it. Or post it to your Facebook for even more accountability.

5. Put some skin in the game

Write a check and put it in an envelope to a cause that you do not support. If you don’t get your task done by the self-appointed time, you mail your donation. Denying your support to a cause you are really opposed to can be motivating. And if you want to really make it stick, combine this with number 4; give your donation to a friend who will be sure to mail it if you don’t follow through.

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