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What do you need?

Whatever your particular struggle, whether it is anxiety, depression, low self-esteem or something else entirely, I believe you have fundamental needs. I also believe that you deserve a therapist who will meet those needs. What needs am I talking about? How about safety? I pledge to provide a space of safety and acceptance, a place where you are understood and feel supported. I also believe that we all have a need to feel appreciated and valued. Many people I have worked with have had difficulty seeing their own worth. I can see your worth and I will do my best to reflect back to you what I see until you can begin to see it for yourself. And often times it is hard to have hope in the midst of struggles or difficult times. I will carry hope for you until you can carry it for yourself.

In this hectic, oftentimes impersonal world we live in, loneliness is an epidemic and connections are often brief or superficial. In our time together, you will be seen and known and experience meaningful connection while we work together to address your issue.

I believe you deserve this quality of experience in your therapy. If you agree, I invite you to give me a call at (816) 226-4678 so we can make an appointment. Research shows that simply having an appointment gives many people a sense of relief. Call today to get some relief and some hope.

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