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Top 10 Stressful Life Events

According to the Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale, these are the top 10 most stressful life events:

1. Death of a spouse

2. Divorce

3. Marital separation from mate

4. Detention in jail or other institution

5. Death of a close family member

6. Major personal injury or illness

7. Marriage

8. Being fired at work

9. Marital reconciliation with mate

10. Retirement from work

As you can see from this list, a significant percentage of us are dealing with major stresses at any point in time. This brings me to a quote I have long loved from Reverend John Watson under his pen name of Ian Maclaren: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” And you know from my posts on self-care that I hope you include yourself in that group of people fighting hard battles.

In an upcoming post I’ll talk more about stress and its implications.

If you are overwhelmed with stress, give me a call at (816) 226-4678 or make an appointment through my client portal. We’ll work together to help you get some relief from stress.

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