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In the News for July 11, 2018

A potential treatment for depression

You may have heard of the Brazilian drink Ayahuasca. This drink is comprised primarily of two particular kinds of plants. Used frequently for religious rituals, research is also showing that this drink has a significant anti-depressant effect. While this won’t be available in a prescription form in the U.S. any time soon, I think it’s a safe bet that drug manufacturers are interested in Ayahuasca and will be trying to isolate the effective ingredients in order to create a prescription treatment.


How Research Says You Can Maximize Your Relaxation

If you schedule fun and relaxation time, the way you schedule it can negatively impact how much pleasure or relaxation you get from your activity. This brief article offers 3 ways to maximize your enjoyment of leisure activities.


Chronic Pain Remains the Same or Improves when Opioid Use Stops

With opioids being in the news a lot, this is an important finding. Many people are given opioids for their chronic pain even though this is not particularly helpful. It may surprise some people to know that opioid painkillers can be stopped without resulting in an increase in pain, let alone learning that some people reported that their pain actually decreased when opioid use was discontinued. This article details the research.

If you or someone you know deals with chronic pain, I want you to know that there is a therapy for chronic pain which is very effective. I’ve seen remarkable results with the people I’ve helped. And what is especially exciting to me is that this therapy works even with chronic pain such as diabetic neuropathy. I can understand how people might wonder how psychotherapy could help with pain, but it really does. For more information, I created a short video which you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc2ha6oj8QM


Doing This Actually Hurts Your Working Memory

Researchers have found that anticipating a stressful day at the start of the day leads to impaired working memory– even if the anticipated stressful events don’t happen.


Cannabis for Chronic Pain? Maybe Not

One of the world’s longest community studies has found that cannabis is not helpful in treating chronic non-cancer pain.


Why Do Kids Lie, and Is It Normal?

Believe it or not, a child’s ability to lie indicates some positive brain developments.


Your Facebook Network Holds Clues to How You Use Your Brain

Whether the people you know also know each other or just have you in common gives clues about your abilities at problem solving and your overall success.

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